Turn your store into a roadside attraction

[Pic credit: "Maddy and the Twistee Treat - Somewhere in Kansas" by Greg Younger is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

A picture is worth a thousand words and with every social website having a way to share those pics, your business’ story could be the size of a Tolkien novel. So, it only makes sense, to take advantage of the current digital, sharing culture by giving customers’ something to snap a pic of to spread your establishment’s fame.

I’ve assembled a short list of ideas for you to use as a starting point to find a unique appeal for your business or organization to use. It’s about giving people a reason to be the center of attention and to use their “selfie” as a way to promote you.
- - -

Ben & Jerry’s face cutouts: a simple idea that invites people to be a part of the product.

Wall Drug’s free ice water: finding an almost free item to give away to people who are looking for a reason to get out of the car.

Cow Parade & public art projects: using an icon from your region encourages people to capture a memory with that object.

Roadside attractions in America: everything from grave markers to alien jerky can be used to draw attention to your business/organization.

- - -
How about you: what was the last roadside attraction you stopped at and why?


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