Details matter: restroom locks

[Pic credit: "Vacant: Stevenage Bath House" by Peter aka anemoneprojectors is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

My barista friends all have a common horror story: restroom door locks that don’t work (i.e. they’ve walked in on people). The uncomfortable and embarrassing feelings associated with accidentally disturbing a person during a private moment are some of the worst a human can experience. This is especially true if you will be interacting with the person later.

This made me think about the little things businesses can do to make customers feel valued by valuing their safety and comfort. Something as simple as a $40 occupied/vacant lock and a half-hour installation can go a long way in creating subconscious value.

Off the top of my head, here are a couple more examples:

Diaper changing stations

Heating lamps on patio areas

Seperate meeting rooms


Hand sanitizing stations

If you have a brick and mortar store that has regional competition, the thing that will often set you apart is those small details that are easily considered as a given.


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