53% Of Internet Searches Are Locally Motivated

If you're reading this, I am assuming you're not one of the many business who still think it's O.K. to ignore the internet. If you are (or aren't), check this out: Microsoft said that 53% of searches in Bing (their search engine) have local intent. And Google said their figure is 33%. Either way, a ton of people may be trying to find you.

With that said, here's a tiny checklist of what you need to have up-to-date this coming year to be found online:

1. Current / Updated Website: Most of the search engines give special attention to websites that have fresh content. This can be done by blogging, linking up with social media sites, or by simply making sure everything is current and correct on the site.

2. Claimed Business / Organization: There are a bunch of places where you need to mark your territory or be prepared to be overlooked. Google Maps, FourSquare, and Facebook are all major players in having people find you. I can't tell you how many business have incorrect info or are not current when being searched for.

3. Socialized: Be available on at least one social media site, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook -- people expect to find you there, so be there.

By the way...if you need help, just ask. (Shameless plug, I know.)

Here's to a super happy new year!


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